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 Introducing Myself (Dragon), And A Bit About Dragon Lair

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PostSubject: Introducing Myself (Dragon), And A Bit About Dragon Lair   Sat Sep 12, 2009 4:24 am

Hello Welcome To Dragon Lair The New AQWorlds Guild. I Am Admin/Dragon. Our Guild/Clan Was Made So That We Can All Make New Friends And Learn Things. If You Join Our Guild By Registering On Here Then Heres A List Of What You May Be In For:
Hanging Out And Chilling Together.
Talking And Helping Each Other.
Do Quests Together.
Battle Together.
And We Will Schedule Times Where A Few Of Us Can Meet Up And Do New Releases.

So Thats Just A Few Things That Will Happen Here I Cant Wait To Play With You Guys So Please Join Our Clan!

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Introducing Myself (Dragon), And A Bit About Dragon Lair
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